Friday, December 31, 2010

Things that spook me out!

  1. I don't think I can ever look into a mirror at night or in darkness. It doesn't have anything to do with the movie 'Mirrors'. Just some weird fear I have. What if something spooky and dead scary happens? What if I see an evil version of me staring back at me? What if that evil version then winks at me in a evil way? What if there is nothing there in the mirror - not even my reflection. Just emptiness and overwhelming darkness. Hhmm... that would make me... well... based on all the authentic information that ever been collected on supernatural creatures through the centuries. There would no other possible answer for it. I would be an evil cousin of Count mosquito then. A vampire to be precise! Hhhmm. Spooky conclusion still.
  2. Myself. Yup. I creep myself out sometimes. No, it has nothing to do with me looking in the mirror! *hmph* Just being different and having different ideas about life just kind of makes you wonder whether you are on the right path or not. So... yes... my thoughts, ideas and ambitions do creep me out sometimes. They overwhelm me in fact.
  3. Death. Our religion does give us a lot of information about death, but despite all that information, I feel lost when I think I could die at any moment of my life. However, this fear has nothing to do with me doubting anything in my religion for Islam is a highly logical belief of life and there is always logic behind everything that God has commanded us to do. We are all travelers in this world. Have to be prepared for the train to leave at any moment... and that's why I feel so scared. I fear I might not be prepared to leave when the time comes. What if I don't have the right baggage? or the ticket? What if I wasn't able to complete all my chores before a boarding the final train? What if I wasn't able to do all the things I had wished to do before I died?
  4. The fear of Jinn.
  5. Baby t.v. (Brainwashing t.v. more like it. I could never place a kid in front of the baby t.v. channel no matter how much researches and other people say the kid could learn. The creepy dancing tomatoes and potatoes with their plastic frozen smiles, slow speech and overly-cheery goodiness is unbearable. They desperately need an injection of reality.
  6. Karela - also known as bitter gourd. You could call it the 'broccoli' of Asia. But I have tasted broccoli and found it to be absolutely delicious. In fact, steamed broccoli must be made into a delicacy. Yes, it is that tasty. And that's why I feel it has been wrongly dumped into the category of 'icky' tasting food by many American cartoons. And just imagine, if I like broccoli then... what karela must taste like, for me to dislike it so much and consider it to be a worthy candidate for my post: "Things that spook me out!"
  7. Unpredictability of life and time. Insecurity just makes this factor even more scary.
  8. The sound of the wind - spooky!
  9. A condition where I own everything - and cannot think of a single thing to go shopping for!
  10. Certain cartoons: Cow and Chicken- in my opinion, the worst cartoon ever invented! Any kid would be traumatized (for life) by watching just one episode! Also Dora - yes, it's the same Dora... the adorable little Spanish girl who roams around her green world with her famous 'backpack'. Every toddler's ultimate television superstar and yet I find her a bit creepy! Her stationary, glassy stare just spooks me out - my six-year old cousin would probably give me 'the look' if I said anything about her favourite t.v. star, so I think I'll keep this information between you and me! Also included in this list is the sweet, innocent Strawberry short cake. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because I imagine myself eating fried doughy balls of strawberry short cake every time I hear her name. Spooky. Those fried doughy balls. Just plain spooky, even though I think she is very cute and an absolute doll!... and even though the Google images search results for 'Strawberry shortcake' just make your mouth water! Yummee!
  11. My next-door neighbours who live in the building across to me - who are not actually living there! The apartment facing my apartments is empty... nobody lives there, and the quiet and the darkness of it just creeps me out. I usually close the gallery door facing their apartment. Not out of fear. Just something that makes me more comfortable when I'm sitting in the lounge (which directly faces the empty darkness of their apartment. So you can understand!). I just get this creepy feeling that I'm being watched despite the fact that no one really lives there. Spooky now. Really spooky. Now, don't you think?


Asma said...

haha lovely post.most of em things freek me out too :D esp viewing the mirror in dark:P oh btw now i know what is a karella called in English :D loved you post..hehe

Cookie said...

Thank you! :) And yup, most of us don't know what karela is called in English. We just assume it's called karela in both languages! :D

Isfand Yar said...


1,6,9,11 LOL

This blog is not only funny but its also educational,now i know what karela is called in English and paya is the urdu word for feet xD

Not to scare you more but an empty apartment-ideal for Jins and ghosts-,the sensation of being wacthed hmmm it really seem's the perfect plot of a horror movie,maybe you should serously consider the idea of shifting :P