Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter is finally here!

Winter is officially here. Yup. It's here all right. So says Santa, coffee, hot chocolate, my freezing feet, my runny nose, my box of nivea cream, my anti-allergy medicine, my unearthed stock of sweaters and woolly socks (who have finally seen the light of day after their year long captivity and imprisonment in the dark, creepy depths of my suitcases), hair-generated static electricity, my chattering teeth, my sleepy eyes, drowsy days, long nights, short days, craving for hot beverages and tea (even if you are normally a cold-coffee type of person!), gajar ka halwa (a sweet dish made up of carrots. Finger lickin' good. Goras would definitely go crazy if they tried this), oranges (we get oranges in Karachi during the winter season :)) and ice-cold tap water! My soft, fluffy quilt also believes that winter is here because he, too, has finally been released from his year long plastic prison and allowed to luxuriously lie on the bed - much to the envy of the summer blankets which have been shut away for the winter. However, it has made getting up for Fajr ten times more difficult!

And oh! yeah, I almost forgot bloggy! He is just obsessed about winter and insisted that I give him a winter make-over this winter, a theme and style that suits this chattering season. 'What defines winter better than coffee, hot chocolate and ice-cream?' I thought and *poof*, with a wave of my magic wand (read: mouse), he turned into a scrumptious chocolate bar with six scoops of ice-cream on the top. Yummy.

And people in Europe would definitely not disagree that winter is here. I'm sure many of them are surrounded by white snow right now - enjoying the cold and snow and yet at the same time having tremendous difficulty in going from one place to another. Speaking of snow, I would absolutely love it if we had some snowfall in Karachi - just a bit of freakish weather pattern change for a day or two. Would be a nice change for this lively city that has otherwise become so stagnant and quiet this winter. I don't know about you but I feel like the city has become very numb and inactive this winter. Or it might be just the stupid politics and insecurity bringing my chi down.

P.S. I know I'm pretty late in my winter post. Winter has been here for at least a month but I was majorly busy in my exams and couldn't put up an 'official-winter-is-here' post. And since I really (really) wanted to put one up this year I though: better late than ever! And by the way, I have a feeling that the word 'drowsy' has some connection with the word 'drouge' - which means dry herb- and is the word from which drug has been derived. I've just started studying Pharmacology this year and just made the connection. For me, making such connections is the height of coolness and fascination. Excuse me and my strange ways please :)


Ali said...

excellent abeer
the pictures rock aswell....!!
that day is not far when you will be a regular writer in dawn newspaper INSHALLAH
but i likd that cows feet much much more..,it was hilarious,well composed and edited and just up to the mark!!
i read ur sisters blog too,but my vocab is not good so culdnt hold of it that much!!!
but people ABEER ROCKXXX!!!

Cookie said...

Thank you! :D Yeah! I would love it if any of my articles got accepted by some some newspaper.But, of course, there are a lot of amazing writers and bloggers out there who do an awesome job on their blogs :)