Friday, January 14, 2011

Things that kept me sane - and insane!

The following is a mix bag of things that kept me on the thin red line between sanity and insanity during my final exams!

(Blood supply of teeth. Here you see the branches of the maxillary artery)

(Materials for making artificial teeth and their hardness values)

(Layers of the retina)

(Flavoured yoghurt from a very famous bakery in Karachi: Dakka sweets. Mouth-wateringly delicious!)

(A chocolate cupcake doused in chocolate sauce. Perfect to relieve pre-exam stress and tension. Courtesy: my sister)

(Chocolate-chip cupcake)

(No study of mine is complete without colorful highlighters and underlying.)

(Anatomy of the neck. The diagram shows the triangles of the neck - the contents of which we had to remember. Very interesting. I had fun doing them.)

(Good thumbie)

(... becomes evil thumbie)

(Snickers to the rescue during preparation for Biochemistry)

For more information as to how agitating medical exams can be check out: my green escape!


Ameera said...

I love this blog post! :) Thanks for featuring my cuppy cake. :P

Btw, I *still* think it is evil of you to spread your highlighters over every line of text in my clean, glossy-paged textbooks.


Said said...

koi achi books he parh leta hay banda :P

Cookie said...

Thank you 'biya'! I am honored and most humbled by your praise, oh-great-sister-of-mine. Your very presence on my blog is enlightening (to say the least).I must count myself among the most fortunate of people now. *meek submissive bow*

P.S. I do not highlight every line!And I usually use highlighters in blank books who have no colored drawings and pictures whatsoever. How can I let go of my fantasy for colored books just because most of the medical books are non-colored? Highlighters are the way to go for those who still have a teensy bit of creativity left in them after stuffing stuff in their brains!

Cookie said...

@ Said: Hmmm...reading some other books.Only, once I'm done with my course books i.e. during holidays.

'Whatever you are be a good one'~ said Abraham Lincoln and I wish to follow through on that advice as much as I can :)

Sammy said...

OMG YOU ARE A STAR BLOGGER! I loved this pictorial. *sigh*

Sammy said...

You have a blog called "my green escape". Dude, stop being so cool and creative and quirky and fun. I may... no, I HAVE developed a complex about my banal web life.

Cookie said...

@Sammy: Thank you! :D I am most humbled by your praise, oh-great-cousin of mine! My green escape. I had that blog for a very long time...update it whenever I feel like 'escaping' to the countryside or come across a lot of greenery in Karachi. You might find a bit of our good old college in some of the pics :)

Sammy said...

It's a good initiative. I never thought of putting up pictures of all the greenery and sunsets and clouds that I've taken over the years... but you did! Kudos! :D

Bushra said...

That's KLM!! Ooer. I actually liked Student Gray's better. It has the best diagrams ever.

Cookie said...

Yup KLM.I really liked it because it has amazing tables. Almost everybody in my college used KLM or *shudders* BD charausia (which has great info but very bad diagrams). No one dared to even open grays anatomy! :)

Bushra said...

BD Chaurasia is horrendous. I agree!!! Our seniors used to call it "Charsi". Heh.

Student Gray's isn't all that tough at all. It's almost like Snell with better diagrams. I studied from all three books. Snell, Gray's and KLM :D.

Cookie said...

O_o wow. Three books. You must be amazing in Anatomy! I used two books and felt that it was too much :)

Bushra said...

I used to be. In final year, you forget everything you have learned about anatomy and during Surgery rotations, get bistofied because of that. So I had to revise it again.

Cookie said...

Oh yes, that tends to happen. My cousins who are in their final year of medicine mentioned how they couldn't recall so many things despite having studying them so thoroughly in the past:) Constant revision and re-revision in the only way to remember stuff in medicine.

Cookie said...
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Anonymous said...

beautiful hands