Sunday, January 09, 2011

*Chop**chop* - a moment of pure madness!

I got my hair chopped off a few weeks ago. Just did it. Yes. Just like that. One moment the pony tail was there and the next moment *whoosh* gone. Just like magic. Yup. Just like that. And I have no regret whatsoever. I just asked my hair 'assassin' sister - who is quite notorious around the house for chopping off her hair whenever she wants to and to whatever length she wants to (which is usually very short since she is not very fond of hair grooming, oiling and shampooing) - and she agreed to do it just like that. Yup. Just like that. It was that easy... and that free of charge! What a lovely sister, isn't she? and she isn't a very bad hair cutter either. In fact, if truth be told, she's a self-made hair stylist who does a pretty good job on her hair and well... did on mine... well that was until I grabbed the scissors myself and made a few random (really random) snaps here and there when nobody was looking (when even I wasn't looking!).

Yes I felt that crazy. Actually I feel this crazy all the time around this time of the year. Winter can get to you. And so can mothers who insist on their daughters having endlessly long silky lengths of hair that go on and on... and well on. Like in those t.v commercials where the girl just keeps tilting her head this way and that way and - then again - this way and that way while her silky hair (mane?) move in perfect harmony and synchrony around her. But, hey, everybody knows that nobody has hair like that! Well, yes, maybe Rapunzel, yes. But that's just graphics! And hey I don't want to be Rapunzel. Can I not be the short-haired karate-expert Mulan who always saves the day and that too without any superpowers? *Ahem* *Cough* Rapunzel and her over-rated *cough* healing, glowing golden hair!

Speaking of hair and Rapunzel... I absolutely loved the new Disney animated movie 'Tangled'. Amazing movie! I don't think Disney will ever be able to make another like it! After last year's disastrous 'Princess and the Frog' it was a welcome breath to see such a great fairy tale come to life in such a cute, touching and exciting way. Looking forward to a funny version of 'Princess and the Pea' that is, if Disney ever plans to make one. As for now, just going to enjoy my short hair while it lasts. And here are a couple of people with short hair - who look pretty even with short hair!

  1. Lyse Doucet and many other journalists keep short hair for one reason or another:

2. Just some random person on the internet with really pretty hair. Me really likes this particular look:

Emma Watson. Tired of her usual look she got her hair chopped off after the last movie. Her father told her she now resembled Audrey Hepburn!

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Sammy said...


When I chopped off my hair, I was actually given the impression that I may just be mad. You, on the other hand, sound quirky at best. :)