Monday, December 26, 2011

Life is a mixed bag

I feel like this picture perfectly reflects a person's two-sided personality. One... free to express whatever he/she wants to express and the other enslaved and entrapped by various shackles around us (which, most of the time, are self-imposed and self-inflicted.) This is the sad story of humankind.

I've learned the greatest lesson of my life these past few months, which has made me very aware of all things around me. Never before was the message ever clear. Life is a mixed bag. Take what you get and appreciate it no matter what the consequences because you could all just lose it one day!

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F@!S@L !QB@L said...

I like your thoughts, but sometimes, few people in this world make a resolution to pass the next whole year with those lesson, no matter how they got them, bad or good way, as strength and never to lose it in any way. Best of Luck...