Monday, November 02, 2009

Medical college entrance test

(Pictures from a book I was doing MCQ's from.)

I gave the medical college entrance test a week ago (as you can see, I was kind of preparing for it in the above pictures). It was actually the entrance test of DUHS (Dow University of Health Sciences) which is a pretty good university in Karachi and recognized internationally, although not so much so as the Aga Khan University. I was applying for DIKIOHS (Dr. Eshrat-ul-ebad Khan Institute of Oral Health Sciences) which comes under the ownership and league of Dow university. It has a total of hundred seats but only sixty seats for 'open merit' so I was kind of scared that I might not get in. Hence, the reason I studied and revised weak concepts and theories over these long, long summer holidays (around four months) .

There were around four thousand students at the test venue, all contesting for eight hundred seats only. *yikes*. Among those eight hundred seats were my sixty seats. *double yikes*. It was a really scary event. Really, really scary event. Not that the test was difficult. In fact, it was pretty easy, apart from the Physics portion which was really complicated. It was full of complicated numericals which I might have been able to do (I think! No, I wish ) provided I had not lost my nerves. The number of students who had come out to give the test was alarming and the reason why I lost my nerves. The sheer size of crowd is enough to make one forget whatever you studied and revised in the past few months.

But, thank God (Alhamdoillah), I got in even though I made some really stupid, silly mistakes in the test. That makes me happy, happy, happy! The initial stage of euphoria and dizziness after eating so much sweet mithai (this is how we celebrate here. Everyone brings loads of mithai at your place and you end up gorging on so many sweet thingys) will probably wear off as soon as my University (sounds so cool) starts. The books I will have to read are gia-normous and the font is microscopic! Will have to work really hard to become a good dentist. *yikes*

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