Saturday, November 14, 2009


Abeer: I'm ready. (looking in the mirror)

Amal: Looks like you walked right out of Crumplesville... your trouser isn't ironed, your shirt isn't ironed, your dupatta isn't ironed.

Abeer: Errrr...ummm... well, I'm too lazy.

Amal: Don't you have an iron in Crumplesville?

Abeer: Ironically, we do.

This was a real conversation. Laugh really hard if you found it funny.


Ameera said...


Why didn't you tell me this? :D

Cookie said...

You live on the other side of the border, girl. This is how we talk on our side... well, most of time, that is, when we aren't fighting.

Anonymous said...

Witty humor for the day.