Thursday, October 08, 2009

*Pittar patter pictures*

Out in the rain. My father is really adventurous and loves to take us on long walks and drives, particularly when the weather is as good as this. I am really blessed to have such an adventurous and sportsy father. He keeps us charged.

My Uncle's turtle is peeking out of his pool to check whether the coast is clear. I caught him on camera before he could pop back in the water. He is kind of camera shy. I feel like an annoying paparazzi right now.

The famous storm water drains, constructed specially to prevent the roads from getting water-logged during heavy rains. The rains last year had shown the mayor and others how badly Karachi needed them.The underpass had been turned into a small swimming pool, most of the main roads were jammed and everyone was pretty much locked within their homes (or islands). Our city mayor (Mustafa Kamal) had then claimed to be working on 'war footing' to get the storm water drains constructed in time for the next rainfall.

Here I am peeking into the neighbour's lawn from the balcony. *Hhhmmm* I really am turning into a paparazzi.

I really like this picture...took it very randomly but it turned out to be pretty good. Me thinks, its quite artistic how only half the door is open.

A grand, mughal-architecture type house was under construction near Sea-view. I couldn't help but take a snap.

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