Thursday, October 08, 2009

From donuts to do-nothing!

I made yeast donuts a couple of months back. They turned out pretty good, although they did not rise as much as I had expected them to. I think, I messed up while following the recipe... added too much flour and or too little yeast. Anyway, I had fun making them and my family had fun eating them. My father had them with yogurt (you can probably see it in the above picture) but we were happy with just plain chocolate donuts sprinkled with coconut and colored sprinkles.

Can't wait to make them again. But I don't think it will be in the near future due to the current situation in the country. My mother has banned my sisters and I from making any sweet dish in the house because of the 'man-made' artificial sugar crisis in the country. The corrupt, good-for-nothing, greedy, money-loving sugar mill owners have formed a cartel. They won't let the sugar price go down and are hoarding large amounts of it in secret places so that the masses have been left sugar-starved. On the other hand, the government, instead of taking action against these looting, soul-less, cold-blooded sugar mill owners, are importing sugar at high prices so that the price of sugar has doubled and tripled like anything. Well, naturally, that is bound to happen, since half- or perhaps more - of those sugar mill owners are sitting in the government itself. It is very a pathetic situation specially if one considers the enormous sugar producing capacity of the country. But, alas, there is a serious lack of political leadership and will to change things for the better.

A few people have started boycotting sugar in an attempt to paralyze the mill owners and their business. Let's see how long it lasts. In my home, so far, my mom will just allow sugar in tea and other beverages. No more cake baking and other sweet stuff making for me :(

P.S I won't be surprised if many people are cursing the mill-owners and wishing they all get diabetes as 'just' punishment for their cruel crime.

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