Thursday, October 08, 2009

*Roar* *meow* *purr*

Sunday bazaar is a great place to go for socks shopping in Karachi. You get all kinds of varieties, from anklets to those really long ones sportsmen wear. My sister actually bought ones of those (despite my insistence that she wouldn't be able to wear any of those in the hot weather of Karachi.) She is wearing them, though, I cannot imagine how. I, on the other hand, prefer the smaller ones that are somewhere between the really long ones and the anklets. Somehow I'm not really fond of anklets, even though they come in such cute designs and colors.

The above socks are perhaps the cutest socks I've seen in Sunday bazaar. And they're not only cute but also very comfortable. The furry mane of the lion actually makes you feel like your walking on soft 'lion' fur. I grabbed them as soon as I saw them because good things have a tendency of disappearing from right underneath your nose in Sunday bazaar. One minute you spot something good and the next minute somebody else is bargaining with the shopkeeper for it. It was time for some action.

The lion (read cute kitty) just meowed out to me and I couldn't just leave him there, in that great, big scary bazaar. Out came my wallet and the bargaining session began. I have always been quite horrible at it. I cannot help but pity the shopkeeper and usually end up giving him more than his amount. The socks are always so good and pretty! How can I possibly give him such little an amount for such amazing socks?Anyway, the socks are now happily mine. They purr when they're lazy, show me their big, shiny 'Puss n' boots' eyes when they're hungry and roar when I toss em' in the washing machine. Cats really don't like getting wet, it turns out.

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