Saturday, October 03, 2009

*Nature comforts*

I love browsing through nature pictures on the National Geographic website, or else where. Some of them are so heart-stoppingingly beautiful that I want to imprint them in my brain forever. Your mouth drops open in amazement as you note the colors and the fine details, and you cannot help but envy the photographer. He or she is one lucky person!

Just one snapshot of the beauties of nature can brighten up a dull mood- and put a huge smile on the face of an urban dweller (that would be me! :)) Living in the city is very exciting and you love the fast-paced whirlwind of activites. However - you would agree with me- you seldom ever get a chance to peek in on a tiger amidst the leaves or witness the first dive (or pool party!) of the Artic penguins.

But since not everyone can take trips to such beautiful places, we need to be content in watching from a far i.e. looking at such photographs. I've learned to do that, and am content with it, Alhamdolillah (Thank God). And speaking from the point of view of an urban dweller, there's a lot of charm and beauty even in that simple action - no matter how cheesy it may sound! We should'nt underestimate the power of photographs. Like books, they come to life in our imagination. (Yet, another cheesy statement. I wonder if its because of something I've been eating. Too much candy?)

How about gate crashing a penguin-only pool party in the Artic? Or, playing hide and seek with the tiger in the jungle? That did not come out very right, did it? Hmmm. The tiger doesn't look very hostile. No harm in playing one game is there?

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