Tuesday, September 22, 2009

*Ka-ching* Eidi in the house!

So far I have collected quite a decent amount of eidi (money given as a gift by elders on Eid day)*beams*. But it's quite impatient and constantly trying to leap out of my bag. It cannot wait to visit a bazaar. So I don't really have a choice in the matter of 'saving it'. Will have to spend it! :) . Besides, my shopping list is never-ending, but, for a reason. The stuff I 'need' to buy has been piling up since I have been so 'busy, busy, busy'. On the top spot are colorful, matching scarves which I am really short of. My mother will probably not allow me to wear them to parties (she prefers me to wrap my dupatta on my head instead) but I could still wear them to college InshAllah. My going to that particular college I have been imagining my self in, of course, depends on whether I pass their entrance test or not. InshAllah, I'm praying I do! But I'm not thinking about that right now. Eid is a time for celebration (with humility and sensibility of course)!

Other than collecting eidi, this Eid has been (mashAllah) a whirlwind of activites, outings and eatings (mostly eating, I think! No Pakistani celebration is really complete without an array of sweet and savory dishes.) *yum**yum* Sheer khorma, mithai, sawayaan, zarda, daheey badaay, kebabs, chana chaat are the traditional Eid dishes served almost anywhere you go. In fact, if you happen to visit a few relatives in a chain you'd probably end up eating loads of Sheer Khorma and sampling all its different types, flavours and variations. But since it's so delicious and usually just made specially for Eid, no one's complaining!

My mother has arranged a party at home today which means more food and people - and more eidi! She will be making some great mouth-watering treats, one of which is an apple sweet dish which disappears rather quickly. Everyone loves it. That pretty much wraps up my Eid celebrations (for now :)).

And this Eid I was planning to give some of my eidi away in charity. There are a lot of needy and destitute people out there who need help. Even if it's a small contribution, it will make a huge difference to them, inshAllah. If you have a wallet swelling with some newly-found eidi fortune, then continue the spirit of Ramadan and donate a small portion it to someone. It will really make their Eid! *Cheerio*

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