Friday, August 07, 2009

Omlette du fromage!

This is not really a cheese omlette. I just like saying 'Omlette du fromage'. And that would be a sibling thing. My sisters and I just loved that episode of Dexter's laboratory where he learns to speak French and then ends up destroying his lab! *wipes tear of joy* So we have pretty much been calling a normal omlette 'Omlette du fromage' since then. The word always brings back great childhood memories.

This is actually a tomato and spring onion omlette. I was particulary proud after cooking this one because it was my first 'good-looking' omlette in sometime. I really could not let my vacations end until I had acheived that 'prefect, fit-for-a-star' omlette. Before this perfect 'mother-approved-and-loved' omlette, my omlettes were always quite messy, with tomato and egg all squished together and blackened pieces of spring onions peaking out from the sides. I think it tasted better that way- but, yeah, thats was me saying it! I kind of like squished sandwiches and food because the flavour oozes out.

Anyway, leaving my taste buds aside, I had to satisfy my mother's tip-top taste buds. I devised a trick to prevent the tomatoes from losing their rich, red colour and also to prevent the charring of the spring onion. I cooked the omlette at low heat in the beginning and sprinkled in the diced tomatoes only after the omlette had started setting in the frying pan. Voila! It worked! I also mastered the omlette flipping technique so it did not split into two. Voila!

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