Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My result is coming out tomorrow!

The newspaper brought really scary news to my doorstep this morning: my result is coming out tomorrow. *Screams* *Curls up in the corner* *Rocks back and forth in a dark room, reitering the words 'Nannee, nanneeee, naaanee'. Yes, you would expect me react that way. Any normal kid would react that way (atleast, I think). But, no, I didn't react that way at all. Surprisingly, I was totally calm and composed. And even now, in the evening, I am exceptionally cool as a cucumber. Completely carefree, even though this result will play a very important role in my college admissions (which are just around the corner by the way). It's weird. I have no goosebumps. There are no butterflies in my stomach. I'm least concerned about the result. Utterly weird. I think I might be in shock. Weird. I still don't get it. I must be the weirdest kid ever to get her exam result.

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