Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yes! My exams are finally over! Freedom atlast! I am left with the practicals but they're a piece of cake after the heavy thoery papers. So I'm not worried and pretty much enjoying myself, skipping and jumping around in joy. There is so much to do. Like always, I'll be starting with the "cleaning and scrubbing". So many clothes to be washed, room to tidied and surfaces to be scrubbed til squeaky clean. But I don't mind such household works... they really keep me happy and going. Infact, my day is more productive when I do household chores rather than when I don't. It's funny but doing household chores makes me appreciate all the extra time I have so that I actually start thinking of doing "something". Anyway, let me relish the free time I have now. In a few weeks, I have to start perparing for my Entrance Exam for University. Only forty-three seats for those getting in on merit. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

"A idle mind is a devil's workshop." ~ *I wonder who came up with that one?*

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