Monday, June 01, 2009


I love cats. They are such delicate, innocent creatures with fluffy paws and big, adorable eyes that just scream: Cuddle wuddle me! Who cannot love cats? They're the cutest stuff toys on the planet. I’m sure everyone remembers Puss n’ Boots… his big, innocent eyes could have stopped an army!
Cats are really the sweetest creatures around with such a gentle and loving nature. I don’t understand how people are scared of them… some people start jumping around in panic when they see a cat as though the cat’s distant relative has jumped out at them or something. Recently, I read an article in the newspaper by a woman who was scared of cats. She believed she had “Cat phobia” and was convinced there was nothing odd about her fright. It was just ridiculous! I would understand if someone were afraid of rats, lizards, cockroaches and all those other icky, slimy insects, but cats! Come on! Hello! They’re walking, purring fluffy stuff toys that you can cuddle and play with at will. What wonderful animals with such cute and cuddly-wuddly habits. They don’t bite unless attacked and provoked. I think, those people are missing out a lot! Tis’ folly. Tis folly indeed.

My cousin’s cat is very adorable and my only close contact with cats since I can't keep one myself due to cat allergies (*sniff* *sniff*nature is cruel). His name is Bootle and has got the most beautiful green eyes, soft fur and boy is he fat, fat, fat! His ego is huge and he never begs for food. If you want to give him something you have place it before him, not show it to him and expect him to come to you. He may be a street cat but he considers himself royalty. He also has his occasional whims that need to be met. For instance, he wakes up my cousin in the middle of the night just because he wants to have a “lick” of water. He also likes to eat all the time, looking up expectantly (or rather hungrily) at anyone eating anything in his vicinity.
I guess that's the reason why I love cats so much... they are so honest and so human in their behavior. Infact, I believe cats aptly represent us humans and our current lifestyle: couch potaotes, sleeping away the day, munching and eating all the time and pretty much lazing around the house. Well, a cat isn't much different either. As you can see, Bootle is lying around or is half-asleep in every picture!

“When picking out pet keep in mind that, to a dog you are family; to a cat you are staff.” ~ Ron Dentinger

"In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats” ~ English proverb

“A cat is a dilettante in fur” ~ Theophile Gautier

“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat” ~ Ellen Perry Berkeley

“My cat does not talk as respectfully to me as I do to her” ~ Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette

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