Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sinking in garbage…

“Crunch, crunch” goes the plastic and before you know it the girl sitting next to carelessly throws the scrunched up wrapper out of the window. Seen it been? Been there? Even done that? Of course you have! Most of us living on planet earth have committed this crime and walked away with a clean conscious, some even feeling cool. In the van, in the playground, in your classrooms, in your building and- perhaps- even in your very own spick and span home!

Tossing the garbage outside the window belongs to the same psyche that makes us sweep all the dust under the rug. We just don’t want to clean the ‘mess’ but, at the same time, want it out of our sight. Who cares? The garbage isn’t going to come back and smack me in the head. No? Think again! The ever-increasing piles of garbage are slowly turning our planet into a huge dumpster and leading to global warming . Burning of the excess garbage produces toxic gases that destroy our precious Ozone layer. And everybody knows what happens after that. So, what are we to do? Well, for starters, get a dustbin and start recycling. Don't make that face at me! Get to work!

Me: Slumps off to get a dust bin.

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