Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rise cakey, rise!

I baked an apple cake yesterday. It rose so high that I couldn't jump higher in excitement! It had a delicious taste of cinnamon, buttery creamy richness (with only two-three teaspoons of butter) and a light fluffy feeling. Considering my history of cakes, this was a great success. My previous cakes never rose properly either because I forgot to put the in oil (Big ooops!) or perhaps because I put in too much milk. Anyway, I think milk makes the cake muffin-y! At least, that's my discovery after putting in milk in the cake so many times. As for now, let me just bask in the sunlight of my success! Cake-y! Cake-y!

P.S : That's not the real picture! :) The cake vanished before I could take a picture! :)


Sammy said...

You fooled me!

I thought this was the picture of your cake! Congratulations though, you're into baking and all now, stuff women must learn to become more marriageable. Parhai ka kya karna? Hahah! *evil snicker*

Cookie said...

Ha! What's the use of studies? Goli maro...ghar ke kaam kaaj karoo gee and aur useey mein apni khushee dhoondoon gee. Not!