Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fishes and electricity!

There has been a lot of load-shedding going on in Karachi these days... hardly any electricity throughout the day or even at night in some areas. If you want to get an of the scale of the electricity problem here, consider the fact that even a three-year-old kid knows what a generator is and what UPS stands for. Seriously, my little cousin actually asked me whether I wanted to play "UPS, UPS" with her instead of the usual " kitchen, kitchen" or "Barbie dolls". I guess there is some good in the power breakdowns... increase in your child's vocabulary!

On the down side, it can be really frustrating to sit in the oppressive, suffocating heat of the summer without even a fan to just shake the air a bit. Yesterday, the light went away during the exam and owing to the great heat the invigilators began losing their cool. There was a lot of fuss and noise, with examiners yelling right and left on cheating students. Everyone everywhere had nothing else to talk about but the rising temperature and the torturous Power breakdowns. One of my friend told me her fishes died in their tank last night because there was no power and their respirator wasn't working. Poor fisheys... they must have cursed KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) till their last breath.

Anyhow, I'm still one of the lucky ones, Alhamdolillah (Thank God) , who have the blessing of a generator, which immediately switches on as soon as the light goes, so I don't really suffer that much. But somebody I know does not suffer at all, of course, Mr 10%, our very own Zardari! Two of my Uncles live near his house (*ahem* read palace) and they inform us that they never have any power breakdowns in their areas. Our fat, money-loving, cheesy-smiling, dubai-hugging president just cannot bear the heat!

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