Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Off exam cancellations...

Two of my exams got cancelled. You can imagine how traumatised some must be feeling right now and how insanely happy others. I don't need to explain who's happy and who's sad, depressed, moping, melancholic and completely dejected, do I? Hmmm... I thought so. By the way, one of my exams got cancelled at midnight when I was all done with my preparation. Pray that never happens to any of you out there. It can be shattering, I tell you, shattering. But the second cancellation was a great blessing! I was able to finish watching season three and four of Prison break. It was very hard to resist it owing to those amazing cliffhangers. But now that I'm finished watching it and have another cliffhanger to think (read obssess) about, I'll go right back to studying. My next exam is three days away, better start working on it :)   

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