Sunday, April 19, 2009

Learning the fun way!

I am 1-2-di-chloro ethane away from going crazy! Organic chemistry is taking over my brain. Like Spongebob (ironically) I'll have to delete everything else in my brain!!! :S I think I'm suffering from exam pyrexia (for those who don't know pyrexia is 'fever').

Timetables, schedules, equations, isomers, chemical formulae, deadlines and pages upon pages of information *sigh* Don't you just feel like running away sometime? Going away on some Mediterranean cruise or perhaps an African safari? Ah! Just picture yourself exploring life on earth and learning tonnes of interesting things along the way. Wish there was no school but only scholars and gurus who would guide us and let us use our minds as they ought to be used. Not just for stuffing in information! I wish I could just walk all over the earth and learn everything that is to learn on the way. A stop there and a stop here. One day in China, another in Japan. One swim in the Atlantic ocean and the other in the Pacific!

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