Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I can laugh now! Ha ha!

It has been a month since my ‘O’ level result came out… Alhamdolilah! I feel like jumping around like a maniac whenever I remember it. Mash’Allah it was a very good result and it made me very happy. Specially, when I had not been expecting my result to be that good owing to a lack of good teachers at my school. There was a very big teacher crisis at my school, Beacon house School system. There was usually just one ‘good and experienced’ teacher for every subject and she could only teach a few sections. I am not complaining here since I know it may be very difficult for a person to teach all the sections ranging from A to F. It not only sounds impossible but is also impossible for a person to be in two places at the same time.

So, anyhow, I belonged to the section that was largely ignored during our ninth, tenth and eleventh grade. There was nothing my counterparts and I could do but complain incessantly to the headmistresses and the principal or perhaps sneak into other sections to be able to study something worthwhile.
Therefore, most of my time at school was spent dodging my real teacher and sneaking into other classes. It was rather amusing! *hehe* In a school where most of the students are sneaking out of classes to bunk we few so-called geeks and nerds would be stealthily creeping into those classes to study. *hehe* I can only find it humorous now, when I ,Alhamdolillah, have achieved such good grades! Back than it was just ‘Arghing’! That is the only word that truly conveys my anger and frustration! All other words are just too weak. By eleventh grade my friends and I had had enough. Some of my friends who really yearned to get into good A level colleges were compelled to take tuitions.

Being in family where no one had ever taken tuitions, I was hesitant to take them. My sister had done her ‘O’ levels without any tuitions from the same school, had scraped good grades and therefore I felt weird to turn to tuitions. It was like saying, "Sorry but I am just too thick-headed. Me no nothing! I need spoon feeding!" But that was never the situation. My sister had done well because she had been fortunate enough to get good teachers. For me, it was the opposite case. Thus I just took the ‘huge’ step and next thing I knew was that I was rushing from one tuition to the other and having all sorts of information shoved down my throat. It was a wild roller coaster rise indeed. Needless to say I had learned a lesson about tuitions: It is not just something for dumb students! It is not for kids who say, ‘Me no know!’

However, Alhmadoillah all the hard work paid off in August. With a total of nine subjects I was able to get A’s in seven subjects. I did not get an A only in Islamic studies and English Literature. In Islamic studies I got a C at 72% and in English literature a B at 88%. I was a bit disappointed at getting a C in Islamic studies, especially because it was on the boundary line, very close to the dreaded ‘D’. But, it proved to be good motivating point. I am trying to learn as much as I can about Islam now. I am trying to become a more practicing muslim.

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