Sunday, August 26, 2007

My next-door neighbours!

I live next door to living things, which either bleat, cluck, quack or moooow. No… I do not live on a farm! I live on the fourth floor, in apartments located near the railway station. So where do all the farm animals come in? What are they doing all the way up on the fourth floor? *hehe* Seriously! I am not joking! It’s true…it is just one of those things which comes along with living in a developing, third world country.

Yes… *hehe* I do live next door to some goats, cows, chickens and geese. They might not live next-door but they do live in the empty plot next to my apartment building. It does sound strange…but that is how life is in this part of the world. You find farm animals in the most unexpected places! You won’t believe it… but I actually see herds and herds of goats loitering in Korangi, a busy industrial area of Karachi. That area is probably the most packed with vehicles! The roads are cracked and do not even look like roads but still they are loaded with all kinds of vehicles – When I say ‘all kinds of vehicles’, I mean all the kind of vehicles that you can find in this part of the world, including the ‘Ghadda Garee’(a cart driven by a Donkey).

The road is also packed with huge strollers (is this the correct spelling) , trucks, fancy cars (for the chosen elite class) and the traditional Pakistani buses overloaded and literally sagging and tilting under the weight of people… and amidst all this traffic, smoke, broken roads and confusion you will find some delicate-looking goats chewing lazily on scatted tufts of grass growing along the road. They are an amazing sight, I tell you! An amazing sight! They ought to be labeled the Eighth wonder of the world! With absolutely no care in the world, they are just strolling around the jam-packed area, lazily watching the drivers fret and fume as they maneuver their vehicles away from the huge craters and cracks in the road. It seems as if they are silently laughing and mocking at the humans and their silly, little problems. They must probably think of us humans as some ‘lower specie’ which does not know how to its life in peace. *hehe* The idea of goats mocking at us is really funny to me!
And once again… I cannot forget that vacant and dreamy expression on the faces of those goats, as they sauntered down the busy road paying little or no attention to the honking vehicles; and the yelling and fist-waving drivers. Ah! They are just amazing creatures…

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