Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scratch away...

I woke up this morning to find an itchy, reddish hump on my foot. Having lived in Karachi for the past five-six years, my first thought was that a pesky 'Mosquito' had attacked me while I i,nnocently slept away. But I realized that it could not be since I had not seen any mosquitos in my new house. I finally decided that it was probably some other nasty little bug. (I feared that it might have been the relatives of the spider I cruelly squished under that very foot in the washroom, a few days ago.)

I started getting worried when I found a few more lumps on my feet. They were just as itchy and turned into humungous red mountains when I scratched them too much (is that a wee bit too much detail?)

Anyway, by evening I had a mild headache and fever. I felt that I ought to tell someone... I told my sister and it turned out that even she had the same itchy lumps on her feet. We figured that it might be because of the rainy season or because of something else. Aaaaah... probably have to investigate... catch some of the bugs in the house and bring them in for quesitoning! *Where were you on the night of 18th August, 2007?*

*Itch* Scratch! Scratch!*itch* and so the cycle goes one!
What a mystery!

P.S Where did I put my Sherlock Holmes coat and deestalker cap, my calabash pipe and my magnifying glass? I cannot solve the mystery without them!

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