Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ta-ta Tabuk!


I can’t believe it… the day is here…*sniff**sniff*
My flight is going to leave at 12:00 clock today. At 12:00 I will have to say Allah-Hafiz to my beloved Tabuk. Sixteen years! Sixteen years

*Sigh* I don't how to say goodbye. I had been planning to write a long post about my life here but I just didn'tknow where to start.

I think I'll just say: I'm going to miss you a lot Tabuk. InshAllah- and hopefully!- once Allah admits us all into Paradise (Jannattul Firdous please!) I think I'll wish to come back here and enjoy Tabuk all over again.

I love it, I love the people, the food (it's so pure!) , the roads, the trees, the parks, the cars (ah! I've got a Mercedes here!:P) , the shopping plazas ( The 2-riyal shops are the best!), the cats ( theyr're so cute even if they are scardee cats!), the camels. My family and I even like the electricity bills!

I think I'm going to spend the last four hours enjoying Tabuk as much as I can rather than talking about how terrible it feels to leave it. As for all my memories, I'll just write a very long post about them, inshAllah in Pakistan, when I'm feeling a bit over-nostalgic or homesick-or am just tired of the loadshedding, mosquitos, corrupt officials, the broken roads of Pakistan!

My father's "Tabuk Festival" hasn't ended yet... :)

There is one mosque we haven't prayed in yet!
There is a two-riyalshop that we haven't visited!

We can't miss them!

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