Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bloggy... I missed you!

Long time no see bloggy! Very very sorry… but my computer didn’t let me talk to you! It changed its attitude just a week ago... so I'm back online!

So much to tell you!

-I finally got my O Level results...

Pakistan studies= A = 96% *jumping up and down*
Islamiat = C = 72% *I don't know what happened here...*

But, I'm happy because a Muslim has to be grateful all the time. Therefore, I said :
"Alhamdolillah" (Thankyou Allah) and accepted whatever Allah had decided for me.

P.S: Will blah blah to you later inhshAllah!


Saima said...

u're so cute abeer i hav to say n whenever i'm reading ur blogs i'm imagining the expression on ur face n it makes me smile

n bravo for being strong and accepting!!!

Cookie said...


*hehe* Thanx :D
You need to open a blog too! and than we both can read the trash we both empty on our blogs together!!:)

Say yes!