Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Part3:Catastrophe for the Cokroach

The incident from the cockraoch's point of view:

Cockroach: ‘Run! Run! Run like you have never run before!’

As the people of the house continued to whack him and spray him with the cockroach-killer, he ran under the buffet:

Cockroach: *panting*I think I’ll be safe in here…

Cockroach-killer: I'll smoke you out!

Cockroach: *groaning* Oh, no! What have I ever done to these people? I am so terrified and furious! There is no reason to explain my fright (What do you people expect?! Everyone in the house is out to get me!) but the reason I’m angry is because I don’t understand why everyone in the house wants to kill me. What have I ever done to these people? Just demanded a little hospitality? Just wanted to eat a few crumbs off the carpet? And just roam around and visit the monuments of the house?

Flap: I’m coming to hit youThe children of the house: Get him before he goes under the cupboard!

Cockroach: Here I go again! I think I’ll go behind the cupboard… it seems no one wants me to go there!

But before the flap, the cockroach-killer and the people of the house could do anything the cockroach shot out from underneath the buffet and ran right under the cupboard.

Cockroach: Phew! That was a close one! But I think I’ve come to the right place... *Looking around* this place looks pretty safe…

A giant hidden spider in the corner: *licking her lips* Sure, sure sunny… you’ve come to the perfect place at the perfect time. Let me just get my salt and pepper!

*Psycho violin music and stabbing noises play in the background*

Cockroach: Aaaaaaaaaah!

Giant spider: Oops! Sorry, did I scare you? I guess it was that pyscho music, wasn't it? Let me just turn down the volume of the television...

Cockroach: *backing away* You're planning to eat me!

Giant spider: Me? hah! Uh-uh... I'm a fly-tarian! I was just going to take out my fly-pie out of the oven.

Cockroach: Oh... ummm, than in that case can I have some?

Giant spider: Sure...

Cockroach: But I'll leave right after that. I want to get out of this killing-house as soon as I can. The people here are crazy...And everyone lived happily ever after!

The End.

Cockroach jumps up and down on the screen at the end saying: True story!

Abeer (aka Cookie Monster): *sniff**sniff* So touching... *bursts into tears* I'm never going to kill another cockroach!

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Ameera said...

Cute. I liked the end. :) I'll tell you what we'll do. Next time a cockroach comes into our house, I'll let you pick him up and show him the front door so he can feel safe. Isn't that better? :P