Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Going bananas :$

Talking from Tabuk :)
You will now see the two sides of an incident that happened before leaving Karachi:

Exaggerated version:
I really really need to confess something!! This 'thing' has been lying on my conscience since I left Karachi on the 27th… *biting nails* *uncontrolled shaking* Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… I think the 'thing' is going to explode on the inside…I just have to tell someone!! Here it goes…bloggy I'm going to tell you this because I can trust you with this…I know you won't tell this to anyone else…so here it is:

It all began at the morning of 27th June…I woke up for Fajr, unaware that a horrific memory was to be stored in my mind that day. I had breakfast and helped with the last-minute preparations. It was then that my mother did something that changed my life forever. It was a very innocent act but somehow it took a disastrous turn. It was just something good that just turned into something terribly terribly evil…(PURE EVIL I TELL YOU, PURE EVIL!!)

What my mother did: My mother decided to throw the bananas that had been rotting in the fruit basket for the past week (those bananas had been so tasteless that none of us had touched them after our first ones)…But, as soon as she tossed them into the dustbin, I felt bad…I didn't want food to be wasted…What if the bananas had been completely tasteless and had now become rotten. That still didn't allow us to throw them away- little did I know that the bananas were evil...

So…hoping to do something good with the bananas, I took them out of the dustbin (first mistake that would have avoided this post) My mother advised me to leave the bananas where the birds could eat them but it seemed the bananas had some other plans. (Their plan: Taking over the world through banana missiles…) So, they simply hypnotized me and began ordering me to do the most dreadful acts…(second mistake: I began talking to the bananas…that gave them a chance to hypnotize me!)

*Uncontrolled shaking* Ok…I'm ready to tell you what they made me do bloggy: They forced me to terrorize the goat's neighbor…*bursts into tears**sniff**sniff* They made me fire "banana missiles" from the fourth floor at the goat, calmly sleeping, in my neighbor's backyard. The poor thing was terrified…it jumped once or twice and began looking up at the sky. Awww…it must have thought that the sky was falling! : P

What really happened :

I simply threw those bananas in my neighbor's backyard (still, all the way from the fourth floor!). The goat did get frightened but it also go a lot of bananas to eat. By the way, the goat became "evil" too…When it was finished with the bananas, it suddenly looked up and I saw that it had a devilish look and red eyes.

That's pretty much-end of story!Allah-Hafiz

Moral of the story: 1.Never talk to evil bananas
2. Do feed your neighbor's goat(even if you are all the way at the fourth floor)
3 .Avoid doing stuff that may force you to write such posts.

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