Saturday, July 01, 2006

Take a good guess!

I am a book in elegant prints
to know my name here are some hints...

Rich in cover and nicely bound
In hearts of Muslims I am rarely found

High on a shelf, I am kept
Forgotten there, I am left
With respect I do get lots of kiss
However, my main point is what they always miss

Neglecting the message inside me
At times I am used for a phony swear,
My true use is very very rare

A miracle, I am, that can change the world
All one has to do is understand my word

I have wisdom, I have treasure
So much that there is no measure

I'm your savior,
I'm your guide
but who's there to take my ride

Right from wrong is my fame,
Holy Quran is my name

:) Isn't it lovely? My Cha Cha(uncle) mailed it...and I found it was very eye-opening. Hope we all learn something from it...The Quran is full of extraordinary knowledge, so let's understand it and try to live our lives according to it's teachings...

Toodles :)

Cookie Monster(thatz me:P): Allah-Hafiz and Assalam-oAlaikum!!!

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