Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is something against which my motto goes: "Never say die!"

May it be the yummy kinder chocolate or butter wutter, I am not going to buy any Danish goods
from now on...I'm going to make sure that the Danish goverment suffers... They're not even apologizing properly ! The Malaysain goverement was decent enough to ban the a newspaper that issued the cartoons in Malaysia but Denmark is actually protecting the newspaper and refusing to ban it. ha! If they won't listen the easy way we'll just have to teach them a lesson. They'll have to pay a heavy price for offending the Muslims community, in deed!

Only last night, while reading Great Expectations, I felt pretty angry when I came across the word 'denmark' in my book. Before I knew, I took my anger out on that by scribbling away and covering it with layers and layers of lead... In school, my friends shared similar views...

The phrase "Burn it!", was in the air.


"VERILY,THOSE WHO ANNOY ALLAH AND HIS MESSENGER(PEACE BE UPON HIM)-ALLAH HAS CURSED THEM IN THIS WORLD AND IN THE HEREAFTER, AND HAS PREPARED FOR THEM A HUMILIATING TORMENT" (22:57) WE will not let anyone say a word against HAZRAT MUHAMMED(peace be upon him) ....pass this mgs and let everyone know that no one can raises voice against ISLAM...and our Prophet, HAZRAT MUHAMMED(pbuh).
Long-lasting boycott...


Umar said...

no one can make me give up those Kinder chocolates.... or Lego!

(j/k... haven't had either of those in ages)

Anonymous said...

Denmark has a long record for supplying aid to many muslim countries and supporting Palestine. All of this has been completely forgotton because 12 people in the country drew some cartoons.
I have been defending muslims in many discussions because I have felt that they are in fact not treated properly by the US and Europe.
But honestly, I feel a bit stupid now because with these reactions to cartoons - not murders, blown up mosques or torture, DRAWINGS! - you have all exploded into a rage. I am sorry but such reactions do not deserve respect.

Oh, and for the record, feel free to eat Kinder chocolate. It's not Danish.

Umar said...

anonymous - I share some of your views.

I think the overall reaction of Muslims worldwide has only served to strengthen the stereotypes people have of us.

Historically speaking, these kinds of attacks on the person of the Prophet are nothing new. Such things happened during his own lifetime. (Think back to Abu Jahal)

We should have acted in such a manner to showcase to the world the true characteristics of the Prophet.

Cookie said...

Assalam-oAlaikum!(may peace be unto you) and Hadaak Allah(May Allah guide you to the right path)

I am completely against violence in such a situation and am all for peaceful protests.There have been various violent protests in Peshawar,Lahore and some areas of Karachi where people burned down KFC, destroyed property of the company 'Telenor'. But,I have never sided with it!I supported the peaceful protest headed by the ulema 'Mufti Mujibur Rehman' as his protest was non-violent.
As far as providing aid to Muslim countries in concerned, it cannot be used as an excuse to overlook this grave issue.I aprreciate it, but do have a look at what your Prime Minsiter, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, had to say.He refused to interfere with the press:

'As prime minister, I have no power whatsoever to limit the press - nor do I want such a power,' he said. 'It is a basic principle of our democracy that a prime minister cannot control the press.'

"We have been facing forces - I have called them uncontrollable, but apart from that they are forces we are not used to handle politically. This was very much orchestrated by religious forces. In our society, politics and religion are kept separate. In the kinds of societies we are dealing with, religion is what gives direction to all thoughts and to the societies as a whole. That has made this a task of special difficulty. The immediate lesson we have learned is that foreign politics is no longer only about government-level negotiations. We have had to try to communicate with the people of the Moslem countries because the governments of those countries no longer were in a position to exercise control. That proved to be a very demanding task, because their knowledge of how our society works is non-existant, making our explanations seem hollow. The obvious example is that the Arab Street doesn’t understand that a head of state doesn’t have the power to shut down a newspaper, because they are used to it being otherwise."

If the Prime Minister is indifferent to sensitive areas of religion then there is nothing no one can do but defend their position by weakning his position through boycott.Maybe then, he might rethink about his so-called priciples of democracy.

Anonnymous-Sorry, about the Kinder Chocolate. My mistake!