Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Attack of the paperz! 15th March...


Here they come! Aahhh...My 'mocks' are are here bringing with them 'THE' Finals. Actually, we were going to have the finals in April, but then suddenly the principal says: "You'll be having your finals and mocks together in March!"

How much fun to see the teachers and students run around the school getting extra periods, notes and literally everything! The past two weeks have been very hectic and I'm sure the

following two weeks will be too. I'm preparing myself and given a warning to my 'munchies'-Ice Cream, Chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. They ought to be ready for the early attack of the books :P
Batman's motto :"Never say die. Never give up!" or more like his belief is on...

Please pray for me!I want to get good marks in Maths

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