Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back in Karachi...


It’s been around two weeks since I got back to Karachi. Not surprisingly, I'm missing the peace and contentment of Makkah, Madinah and Tabuk. In Saudi Arabia it's a completely different atmosphere. With everyone wearing proper Hijaab, seeing mosques at every corner and the feeling of being cut off from the world and its attractions is just great. Somehow, my family and I talk and listen about Islam more there than in Pakistan. There are very God-fearing people and scholars here too, but I never feel like I'm living in an Islamic country. People are just to absorbed in the gamour of the world and impressing the west. We just had a Bryan Adam concert...people were dying to go...It made me wonder whether they would be dying to go if it had been an Islamic programme. There are also many bidaa practices being held openly and they are crossing limits! The city was just given a holiday because of some Saint's birthday or something. People do go and pray to dead people for intervention to Allah on their behalf. Even now, I've got a two-day off because of Muharram...Not much we can do about it except for complaining about it in the Newspaper.

In Karachi... life has been busy busy busy... The first week just passed in serving neighbours and relatives literally from everywhere in Karachi. It was fun to share dates and my Hajj experience with them…Been trying to pray too because a person's prayers for 40 days after hajj are accepted by Allah. (InshAllah-Do say that everytime!)

As for has been Busy, busy and busy! Eye-dissections, tests, basketball matches, fights between myself and me friend, studying for my paperz, and fights between me, myself and basketball (Will write about this one in a separate post!)

My exams are going to be in around a month-Yikes! There is loads to study. Plus, I have to give two of my 'O' level exams in May. Do cough up some tips people who have already given these nightmarish paperz. Need em' a lot especially with so mcuh competition in the family. My sister got 7 A's and the rest of my cousins got good grades too. Am in competition with another of my cousin who's doing business. Please pray for me!

P.S: I don't think I have the energy to write any more. Didn't get up for Sehri in the morning and had to keep a without-sehri Fast. Am remebering all those yummy delights people brought...

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Naila said...

heyyy abeer .. i can totally understand coz khi is no more like tht now, they've become too western in everything they do and abt the islamic thing happening .. i can assure u that hardly anyone would have gone !! anyways dont worry abt the exams .. all will go well Inshallah !! and ya take it from me coz i gave teh exams .. dont be nervous .. coz we think its gonan be really hard but in actual fact its reasier than we think !! be confident yaar !! chill
tc .. byeeee