Thursday, January 05, 2006

Yet another miss call...

Assalam-oAlaikum!(may peace be unto you)

My chacha (Uncle) sent us an SMS a few days ago regarding all the natural disasters-Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes that have taken place in the past year:

“Allah is giving missed calls to earth and it sets on vibrations. So, lets attend the calls for the confession of our sins and ask for His forgiveness for not responding to Him.”

The earthquake lastnight in Pakistan reminded me of it...Seemed to me like another miss call from Allah! If we continue to committ sins and usurping the rights and properties of others we will find ourselves in dust!

****A message to Musharaff and the greedy, selfish, foolish goverment officials in Punjab:
NO KALABAGH DAM! Have a look at the other provinces in the country! Your just concerned about filling your bank accounts. Straighten yourselves up!


Umar said...

just because no one leaves a comment, doesn't mean no one visits your blog.

keep updating :)

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DareDevil said...

nice post

Cookie said...

Yes, I'll try to update as much as I can!There's just so much to say!
Only one problem: I have my exams in two months!Also have to give two of my 'O' exams in May...
Tips! Please tips from people who've already given their paperz!!
Life in Karachi can be very busy as well...but, will try inshAllah to update one or twice a week!

Naila said...

hey very well said !!