Sunday, January 01, 2006

"The Countdown has begun..."

"The countdown has begun..."
My father keeps repeating what Dr. Israr Ahmed (an Islamic religious scholar) stated in his audio Cds.

“The countdown has begun…” Dr. Israr states this specifically about Pakistan but he refers to Muslims throughout the globe. Keeping in view the ayahs of the Quran and Ahadis, he states that Allah’s wrath is sure to come on a community where "Ijtamayee evil" i.e. Unislamic practices at a national level.

I think his observation is absolutely right, especially when I look at the people around me. None of them behave, talk or even look like Muslims…Sometimes, I even have to wonder whether they believe themselves to be Muslims or not. My father says that they are Muslims only because they were born to Muslims. I’m not declaring myself better than anyone or trying to criticize someone’s Imaan (faith) through my article…I just want the Muslims of today to face the mirror and come face to face with what they have turned into. A growing faction of Muslims is listens to music, dances, drinks, watches unchaste movies and regard prayers as a burden. They don’t realize the reason for which they were sent in this world: Worshipping Allah, following his injunctions, spreading his word throughout the land and struggling to attain good deeds. This world is not even an introduction! It’s just a testing ground.

As the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) has stated: “This world is a cultivating ground for the Hereafter.”
I.e.> As you sow, so shall you reap…

According to Dr Israr Ahmed, if the Holy Prophet came in this world today he’d refuse to accept the 2 billion Muslims as his ummah.
I do agree with him…
In school, people are no longer heard saying Salam. Only hollow, dry hi, hellos because they don’t find Assalam-oAlaikum ‘cool’ enough. They’re embarrassed by Islamic greetings and consider the person trying to follow the Islamic rulings (Mash’Allah, InshAllah) as conservative, backward and stupid.

I remember this one time after the Exams…I was just sitting with one of my friend when two of my classmates came along. They sat down beside me and began to listen to some Indian pop songs – (I tell you; they are so impressed by Indians and Indian dramas…they might as well run off to India.) After a while, they asked me whether I wanted to listen to some of them.

“Uh-uh…I stopped listening to music because it’s Haram (not allowed) in Islam.” That was my reply. At my statement, one of my classmates exclaimed: “But, there was no music during the Prophet’s time…sure, it’s allowed!”

I was so shocked by the lack of concern and knowledge that I was left speechless for a while. Then, I stated one of the incidents where the Prophet (p.b.u.h) had inserted his fingers in his ears when he had heard a flute playing. My other classmate chuckled slightly and stated that if I would do the same. I replied in positive and she and her friend went back to listening their music.

Such is the indifferent and careless attitude of today’s Muslims. According to one religious scholar the Muslims of today are actually the Jews of the 21st Century. They consider themselves to be the chosen people of Allah and believe that they are sure to enter Jannah (Paradise) just because they are “Muslims”.

My Chacha (Uncle) sent a very interesting SMS just today…I’d like to share it:

“Allah is giving missed calls to earth and it sets on vibrations. So, lets attend the calls for the confession of our sins and ask for His forgiveness for not responding to Him.”

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