Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rules of the house----FUNNY


I went over to someone's house a day before yesterday for dinner. Its an Indian family we've known for err...since I remember. When I used to live here in Tabuk i.e. when I went to school here, shopped here (I still do that, a lot too!) and just used to visit Pakistan in the summers
the family and ourselves would used to get together a lot: Barbecues and long-drives (Yummy:D)

Anyway, when I went over to their house a day before yesterday, I saw a very cute chart with the title "House Rules" plastered on one of the walls...Some of the rules were just so funny that I couldn't help but learn them and put them up in my bloggy! Here they are:

1.Balancing dishes in large piles in not allowed- make smaller piles
2.Pets like children should be seen, not heard
3.Moving furniture to hide marks on the carpets is not allowed
4.Mums's make-up is not for her daughter and definitely not for her son
5.The refrigerator is to store food- not to raid every night!

Hope they gave u a laugh! :D

1 comment:

Asmaa said...

Haha those ARE funny!

If only my family would adhere to those, my brothers don't wear make-up. Most of the time :P