Monday, January 02, 2006

The Cookie monster's sister!

The Pakistani Cartoon network shows a cartoon: “Kids Next door”. I found its advertisement rather funny and came up with my own version of it.

My version starts off with an innocent morning, an innocent camera, an innocent kid and the evil monster sleeping away in its lair. I creep into the monster’s lair to record some of its unusual and bizarre sleeping habits!

Experiment = Sleeping monster (My sis)
Researcher (Very very Qualified, well-known, intelligent, innocent, cute, adorable, with an IQ greater than anyone!) = ME! (Who else could it be?)

We (my camera and I) creep into the monster’s (my sister) lair…

Video camera = Not funny
Camera recording my sleeping sis =Funny! *What are Video cameras for? *

Sister sleeping = Not funny
Sister talking in sleep (laughing too) = funny!

*Does you sister talk in her sleep?! Then u need to call me! I’m the best there is for recording your sis’s embarrassing moments! * Yup, it would be a nice little birthday surprise for her :D

My sister sleeping = Not funny
My sister snoring = Funny (scary too!)

Water = Not funny
Water on my sister = funny! *Oh oh…She’s up, yelling and coming to get me! *

Sister = Not funny
Sister in rage = funny! *I’m recording as she chases me around the table! *

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (She’s got me…!)
Me: No……no…not the rolling pin! Anything but the rolling pin!

Me = funny
Me beaten to pulp =Not funny!
* I raise my hand from behind the table and say: “I’m still alive!”*

Hmm…Me (Abeer) in*Overly sweet-and-innocent voice* saying:

I’m to innocent to do such a cruel, heart-less thing with such a caring, loving, adorable sister? Am I not? Then, please make sure that my parents understand and do not punish me for an act that I am toosweet, tooadorable and toocute to commit…

P.S: (Never trust the Overly sweet-and-innocent voice! It’s skilled in the art of lying!)


Ameera said...

Abeer! You love depicting me in every weird, crazy way imaginable.

I might as well have been a spider...

Wait, I should have been a Boggart, then I could turn into your worst fears and truly terrorize you! :P

Cookie said...

Aww...Sweet sister. Thanks for coming on my blog...People now know what sort of unknown and dangerous creature I am researching on!:P