Thursday, January 05, 2006

Hajj preparations--House Topsy Turvy!


The house is just topsy turvy because of the Hajj preparations! My abba (father) is doing the last minute calls for hotel reservations, my amma (mother) has been washing clothes and my sisters and I have been ironing clothes, packing up, cleaning or… just ‘goofing’ around as far as my younger sis is concerned –I’m still very furious with her!
Oh, yeah! We’ll be leaving tomorrow early in the morning before sunrise. Breakfast will be in car… probably some nice sausage and buns *licking lips*. Yummy!
Then we’ll drive 700 km to Madinah inshAllah –My trustee Mercedees don’t less us down!

I just wish that I'm patient throughout Hajj and don't loose my temper on any of the bumps that come along.

Will write in a week InshAllah!



Hajera said...

May Allah make the journey easy for you and your family and may He accept your Hajj. Looking forward to a nice long post about your experiences after your safe return, Inshaallah

Cookie said...

Yeah...I'm going to write everything inshAllah!