Saturday, September 06, 2008

Falling out of vans in Ramadan...

"Falling out of vans in Ramadan" seems to be made up. But this is how it happened - with no exxageration whatsoever! My crumbling, creaking van broke down yesterday morning and the van driver stuffed us up in some other van (which was already overloaded).

The other van driver appeared to be crazy, insisting that we could easily be accomadated in his bulging van. Laughing maniacally in the background, he urged us to clamber into the van all the time looking at our large group and saying, "Just this much?" "Just this much?". "You can easily fit in the back!", he cried as girl after girl disappeared into the jungle of bags and people. Finally, when my turn arrived, I found myself stepping into the van and stopping there. There was no space left and I stood right at the edge of the door. The good thing is that my bag found a pretty comfortable spot to sit on. The bad thing is that during the ride, the door suddenly slid open. The air rushed in and Aaahh! Aaaahhh! I had no where to run! Hands grabbed me from all sides while a lonely bag fell out of the van. Thankgoodness it wasn't me or my bag.

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