Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter...bye bye!

Happy birthday J.K Rowling and Harry Potter!

Today, Jo turned forty-two and Harry twenty-two!

I would take this oppurtunity to thank J.K and Harry for opening the gateway to the world of books for me! It was their imagination and adventures that got me hooked to reading books! Before I had picked up 'Harry Poter and the Chamber of secrets' I had had no interest in books... I was more of a waste-my-time-infront-of-the-television person.

Apart from converting me from waste-my-time-infront-of-the-television person you both taught me a lot and sparked my imagination. Thankyou so much...

Thankyou... specially about the last book! It made me jump around like a maniac, laugh, cry and eventually made me curl up in one corner of the room in bereavement. The last part may not sound as much as fun but I did find contentment in it. I eventualy realized that I had to live with whatever Jo had decided for the Harry Potter world. I realized that it was time to let go of fiction and focus on real life. Therefore, when I walked out of the Potter world I did not moan and groan... I just let the truth sink in. It was time to say goobye... a happy goodbye!

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