Sunday, November 19, 2006

*Cough* *Cough*

Winter is here... bringing along with it cold, flu, cough, Phelgm, watery eyes, sneezing, dry skin, shivering, fat comforters, fur coats (not really... its not that cold here! Just like exxagerating :P ) coffee, chocolate (more reason to have it: A chocolate a day keeps the Dementors away!)

Among all the good and the bad stuff is the most ugly thing: Ice-cream has been banished from the house till the summer! *Sniff**Sniff*

But...who ever obeys the law of seasons! I'm still going to have Ice-eee *coughs* *sneezes* cree-aam!- but after I'm done having the cough syrup! Till than I'll have to calm myself with some fudgy brownies! Mmm...

Ooo... that ice-cream looks very yummy!

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