Monday, October 30, 2006

Eid Mubarak from Pakistan! passed away so quickly! Not much happened. We just had a small get together at my Mani's (Aunt's) place-*hehe* just remembered that it was not small-we spent the entire morning at her place! Still it was fun... we took a lot of group pictures. That was a great acheivement! Because giant family(MashAllah) never sits down patiently when it comes to picture taking! There is always a big chaos with all the little kids jumping around and the elders just being very lazy...

But, because my father was missing it wasn't as much as fun!-partly because a larger proprtion of me Eidee comes from him :P . Plus my Mamu (Uncle) had an operationin a few days later so everyone wished to do all the fun stuff after that :) He's fine now alhamdoillah :D

And well I have a lot of Eidee waiting for me very very eagerly!! My hands are aching to waste it away on ice-cream but, I've decided I'm going to save it and try to give away some (inshAllah 'most'!) away in charity. It is very saddening to see the poor people and the situation seems to be getting worse. All the prices, particularly those of petrol and sugar are talking to the skies! So do hope to help the needy!


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