Sunday, August 21, 2005

The itsy bitsy spider...


Until a year ago, spiders were at the top of my list called: “It gonna eat me!”
The mere mention of the word “spider” was enough to make me scamper from a room or on top of the dining table.
During the summers my house used to resemble a war-zone, as it was the time that the spiders attacked most. My house would literally be flooding with those eight-legged freaks. I remember entering each room very carefully …my ears pricked, eyes narrowed, for any sign of a spider… It was as if my house had been turned into a thick, tropical jungle with me creeping through it, feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Predator”. The only difference was that I was always armed with “Mortein” or “Pif Paf ” rather than a huge Bazooka!

My phobia seemed to increase after watching “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” as it had a huge spider-scene with giant spiders! The movie actually left me wondering: Can I own a flying car? –Just incase, I need to run away from spiders…(Yikes!)

But a year ago, I came across an article about fears and how to overcome them. According to that, you could beat your fears by ‘naming and talking’ to the thing you fear. It was strangest thing I’d ever heard. I couldn’t imagine myself talking to the spiders around my house, which–I knew for sure–were probably plotting to kill me by the most torturous means, possible. I just couldn’t stretch a hand of friendship… I was resolute not to let down my arms…My motto still remained: “Fight till death!”

Then, about three months ago I went for a sleepover at my cousin’s house. And… before I knew it, I was talking and naming the spiders in her bathroom! I don’t know what happened to me…I involuntarily began calling a large spider ‘Agatha’. It was as if someone had bewitched me into being friendly with the spiders…I felt very funny. Even funnier things were to come…
Now, I had turned into a spider-savior. I wouldn’t let my cousin kill my newfound friend, no matter how scary she found it. And once I got home, I laid down my cannons and started naming the spiders in my house…Ha!
Also, they’re no longer on my list: “It’s gonna eat me!” – The cockroaches have taken their place! –And I don’t think they’ll ever move from there. They’re much too scary and ickyyy.But,I am glad that I don’t have to hunt them down with “Pif Paf” cause my kitties look to that–they simply love having cocks for breakfast. :)

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