Friday, August 30, 2013

Off babysitting fun and good therapy

My three-year-old cousin came over for a sleepover a few weeks ago. It was sort of a sleepover- babysitting mix since she's quite young and we have to be careful she doesn't get lonely or starts missing her mom. It is always good to spend a chunk of your time with a toddler every once in a while. Makes you look at things a little differently, alters perspectives and brings out the quirky, silly side of you as you put aside all your worries, deadlines and just immerse yourself in the wonderful world of legos, nursery rhymes and hide n' seek. Ah, the best things in life! It is really good therapy :) an effective detoxification of all negative thoughts and frustrations that usually surround us. Provided - of course - that the kid you spend time with is not a nasty spoiled brat, throwing tantrums (and other stuff), making you run all over the place to save precious decoration items and walls from being scribbled on! That's a  kidazilla. Warning: never ever take on a kidazilla willingly :)

      (Animal Olympics anyone? Jumping from a height into a boat of water. Note: no casualties reported)


                                    (Nothing like a little lego sport land built with a ludo board!)


                                      (A really tall lego statue-guy with a really tall hat too!)

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