Sunday, June 05, 2011

A fun week!

(Abstract art. We created great masterpieces that day)

(It's alive!)

(My six year old cousin's paintings were just amazing. She has a very creative mind - mashAllah!- and has a good idea of the right color blends. I couldn't help but save all her drawings. That rainbow thingy drawing in the background was painted by her!)

(...battle scars?)

The week long holidays following the last day of my final exams - yes, sadly, we only got one week off but since we get so many surprise holidays in Karachi anyway these days, I figured it was maybe better this way and tried to be happy. I squeezed in all possible non-study activities that I could possibly stuff in that week. From baking to painting, from watching movies to entertaining cute six-year old cousins on sleepovers (and being entertained back with lots of funny and witty comments!) It was a fun week :)

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