Tuesday, March 29, 2011

India Pakistan match - just a game or WAR?

Green is made by crushing yellow and blue! We have already defeated the yellow kangaroos. Now... time to beat the blue team in great style!

This is a bit too mean. But gives you an idea of the intense tension between the two sides. This isn't a game. This is war! Although, I feel extremely stupid to say something like that. Should be speaking more sensibly. Ah, well... let me just shove my sensible side into the corner for today!

You can imagine just what they might be thinking: "We are playing for the fun of the game. You know... good cricket! *laugh* Yeah right. We are bringing you down on 30th March!"

Did I mention how much this match means to each and every person in the Indian subcontinent? I received about a hundred or more messages on my mobile in the past three four days requesting I pray for the Pakistan team day and night!


Anonymous said...

let the game be only a game and not a war.
& we lost again and again and again and again and again (5 times) to India. :(.

Anonymous said...

We still support Afridi & his team even after the lost.
No, not again this drama of match fixing by sarfaz nawaz.