Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Peaches are in town these days. You can find them on all the thele walas (street vendors) along with Mangoes and plums - which, I have to say- are equally yummy. I love Pakistan (specially for its fruits) because it has such a wide variety of fruits and all of them are so juicy and full of flavor- even the bananas are so sweet, tasty and out of this world. I remember, when I used to live in Saudi Arabia, the fruits there were amazing (the watermelons and grapes were the best I've ever had!) but somehow the bananas were oddly tasteless. We attributed that to their huge, bright-yellow exterior... which was sort of proof of their genetic modification. Clearly, they had been blown into larger size but the flavour was going to come slowly. It was in Pakistan that I came to taste such yummy bananas, that even banana could turn into your favourite fruit. Yay Pakistan!

This particular peach you see in the picture was kind of odd because the nut inside it was already broken into half, so I did not have to smash it to get to the oh-so-yummy almond. And, naturally, since this was something odd, I could not resist the temptation: out came my camera to capture the 'super' natural. And I got a free almond without having to smash the nut with a hammer. That was a delight.

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