Saturday, June 26, 2010

The joy of a new keyboard (and it's washable!)

I know how absolutely mediocre and average this post of mine is going to be (the title says it all), but I cannot help but write something extremely average after such a long break from updating my blog. Really cannot help it. Forgive me and my weird and wacko thinking. I've noticed how you go into this stagnant blog phase if you don't blog for a while... every time you head towards the computer, you think: "Nah! Tomorrow. I don't have anything interesting to say (read blab) at the moment..." or more genuinely in my case: "Hey, the keyboard is broke. I cannot possibly spend an entire day typing in single letters on my on-screen-keyboard." That would, definitely, have been a nightmare, considering- specially- how much the electricity plays hide n seek in Karachi these days.

Anyway, I am finally back on the blogging scene. Happy to be back! There is so much I want to write about. I'm already done with my first semester of BDS (Bachelor in Dentistry). Seven more semesters to go and hopefully, inshAllah- I pray- they go smoothly. The first semester was good and eventful, with high and low points. My last post about "anger issues" was a reflection of those low points. A whole post is definitely needed to elaborate on the issues at college that made me angry. I'd rather not mull over them at the moment though.

I'd rather let the joy of a new keyboard fill me up with warm sunshine for now. That, and the list of all those yummy snacks I can devour over my new keyboard, carelessly letting the crumbs roll into its deepest, darkest depths. After all, it's washable. Yes- surprisingly!- it is. I could not believe it either but it has "washable" written on it in bold, silver letters. "Silver" letters somehow makes it sound authentic to me. Just my weird thinking coming into action. But, isn't it still amazing and out of this world? I don't know about anyone else but these little things greatly amuse me. Washable keyboards! What will they come up with next?

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