Sunday, December 06, 2009

*Fun with henna*

(I went for a really radical henna-design this Eid. It made me feel like Spiderman.)

(My sister's hand. She left an empty, henna-free finger so that she could put on her contact lenses. I found that really funny. She does such cute and intelligent things. I often feel like a dumb older sister in front of her. She comes up with the coolest of ideas and the funkiest of designs and artwork. She once made a colorful lamp by recycling old floppy disks. We all thought it was good enough to send to Ikea. I might put a picture of it later on :))


Ameera said...

Awwwww... I knew there was lots o' love hidden under all that banging and screaming at Amal. :D

Cookie said...

You read nothing.

Sammy said...

Aww this was cute. You're such a proud, older sister. Understandably so... but I don't get why you think you're any dumber! You've got your talents, she has hers.