Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boom boom team Pakistan!

Hilarious video showing a scene that will probabaly become a classic scene in Cricket! Shahid Afridi winks and throws a flying kiss to Jacques Kallis, of the South African team, to cool him down during a tense moment in the match. Haha! That guy has got some nerve. He's completely unpredictable and that's what makes his batting fun to watch. Two thumbs up for him for his spectacular performance throughout the Twenty-twenty world cup series.

As for winning the tournament, I just loved to watch the final match and videos of people celebrating all over Pakistan. A win after seventeen long years- good, great, superb! I would have put another video showing the public's reaction after winning the twenty-twenty world cup but it was a little embarrassing. Yes, sadly, a few people got overly enthusiastic and became a tad bit too wild in their celebration. The CNN news reporter (Nic Robertson) who was reporting the Pakistani victory from Islamabad, was... ummm, let's just say, "overwhelmed" by the rejoicing, jubilant crowd. So. Yeah. Umm... a simple dignified 'yahoooo' will have to express my bursting joy for now!

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