Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting ill - good or bad?

*Cough* *cough* There are many sides to getting ill. I realized that when I feel ill a few days ago. By the way I'm still ill. *coughs for proof* It's not easy being ill. There's the constant discomfort, the coughing and the sneezing and the wheezing (in the case of asthma patients) - yes all of that is really terrible- but I think the greatest thing that really bothered me and got me down was the state of 'inactivity'. When you're ill you are mostly confined to your bed and just trying to do 'something' so you wouldn't waste time, especially when you have some very important exams coming up.

All in all, I think, getting ill is not all that bad. It gives you a break, gives you time to think and my favorite thing about getting ill: you don't feel guilty about not studying. People around you cannot pester you to study! And I also like the attention that comes with being ill. People serve you left and right. If you want to have something chilly they'll make it for you, if you want to have butter toast with tea they'll get it for ya! Really I think getting ill is a blessing in disguise. Yes, the disguise is itchy and makes you sneeze and cough all the time but, hey, you can just hide in your disguise while the world floats by, hurrying to meet one deadline or another. Cheerio!

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